To volunteer or support local non-profits is the key to strengthening a community. To “Pay it Forward” simply means to repay a kindness received with a good deed to someone else. To volunteer is the ultimate way to “Pay it Forward”. No matter what your story is, giving your time to help others, your community or our environment is the least selfish thing you can do. And in this hectic world we live in where we are always short on time, it is the ultimate gift. If time just isn’t an option, supporting local non-profits can be the solution. You can support a charity campaign, give a direct donation of goods or monetary value, help with fundraising or simply spread the word to others that may want to be a part of “Paying it Forward”.

This list is just a start of all the local ways you and your family or business can “Pay if Forward”. If you know of a local non-profit or volunteer opportunity that could use support and they are not on our list, send your suggestion to Doreen@debbiedawsonrealtor.com Unleash the Superhero in you.

Marjorie’s Hope – A 501(c)3, Our Mission – To provide children a strong foundation for a happy and successful life by meeting needs for school supplies, toys and other necessities. Our Vision – We recognize when children struggle, the basic necessities can make a difference in helping to raise self esteem, raise grades and raise hope. Follow Marjorie’s Hope on Facebook

Cindy’s Pets – A 501(c)3, was founded 2010. They contacted the Meals on Wheels Program in Pasco County to see where the organization could be beneficial. Organizers were told that Senior Citizens participating on Pasco County’s Meals on Wheels Program frequently had to give a portion of their food to their pets due to financial reasons. Cindy’s Pets decided to deliver pet food for the pets of Seniors who participate in the Meals on Wheels program, thereby assuring that both the Seniors and their pets have plenty to eat. Follow Cindy’s Pets on Facebook

The Runaways Animal Rescue – A 501(c)3 animal rescue in Pasco County, FL that promotes compassion and kindness by protecting, advocating and rescuing cats, kittens and all companion animals in needFollow The Runaways Animal Rescue on Facebook

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