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Have a room that just doesn’t feel quite right anymore? Here is a five-step Spring time facelift solution to remove, refurbishing, painting, shifting and shopping your way to an improved room.

Remove – Before you add anything new (including paint), your first step should be to take away anything that is detracting from your room. Remove any furniture and decorative items that have lost their appeal.

Refurbish – Take photos of what’s left in the space and look at them somewhere else. The goal in this step is to use fresh eyes to find at least one piece with good bones to refurbish. Reupholster or slipcover a chair, paint a frame or accent table, add decorative knobs or trim.

Paint – Chose a new paint color. The trend now is leaning away from colored accent walls in favor of rich color throughout the room. You could even try painting built-ins, trim and ceilings to match for a luxurious look in a small space.

Shift –After you paint is a natural time to try a new furniture arrangement, because you will be moving your furniture around anyway; use it as an opportunity to think outside the box. Try shifting the focal point of your room.

If you have always had your couch pushed against the wall, try pulling it closer to the center of the room, or add a sofa table with lamps behind it. Move your bed to a different wall or try it in a corner — challenge yourself to arrange things in a completely new way.

With all of your artwork and photos down, try shuffling them into different groupings on the floor. Look around for a few found objects you could add to your gallery wall, like postcards or beaded necklaces; or dig out the childhood albums and make a family photo wall.

Shop – It’s time to shop! By this point you should have a good feel for what your room is missing so buy something new. Go for high impact, like a statement light fixture, bold artwork or bright accent pillows, colorful rugs and stylish curtains. Now live in a room you love!

If you our anyone you know is considering making a move, I would be happy to meet and offer my expertise. A “PERSONAL” home evaluation is always FREE and my resources can provide a more arcuate picture of a homes potential value. I guarantee to sell your home fast and for top dollar.


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